Abhinav Kumar Singh



Vikram Sharma



Psychology of Packaging Design

Think of all the products that you’ve purchased lately at the grocery store, the home and garden store, the pet store—anywhere that you’ve purchased packaged goods. Were those items in plain white packages with simple block lettering? Probably not.... Read more

How Eco-friendly Packaging Attracts More Customers

Is your business looking to reduce its environmental impact while increasing market share? Eco friendly packaging may be the answer. These packaging materials are easy to recycle, safe for individuals and the environment, and may be made out of recycled materials. Not only is eco-friendly packaging imperative to keeping our planet clean and safe, but it can also help attract more customers.... Read more

Address the importance, challenges and solution relating to Flexible Packaging in IntraPac India 2024, 14 – 17 March, at NCR Delhi

The Indian flexible packaging industry has witnessed substantial growth over the years, mainly due to changing consumer preferences, an increase in organized retail, and the growth of e-commerce. This versatile packaging format includes materials like plastic films, laminates, and paper, and is used to package a wide range of products.... Read more


The Indian packaging industry, valued at approximately USD 75 billion in FY20, is projected to grow at a CAGR of 18-20% and reach nearly USD 200 billion by FY25. This growth is driven by the retail market, which is the 5th largest sector in India’s economy and has shown steady growth with high potential for expansion, particularly in exports.

Packaging plays a crucial role in determining a product’s perceived value. However, with the wide variety of packaging and box options available, choosing the most suitable solution can be challenging. Packaging can generally be divided into two main categories: Rigid Packaging and Flexible Packaging... Read more


The landscape of the Indian packaging industry is characterized by a fragmented composition, where unorganized participants hold a significant portion of the market share. Nevertheless, as awareness heightens, product quality improves, and cost advantages diminish, the trend is predicted to shift towards organized players.... Read more