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How Eco-friendly Packaging Attracts More Customers

Eco-friendly Packaging Benefits are Hard to Ignore

Is your business looking to reduce its environmental impact while increasing market share? Ecofriendly packaging may be the answer. These packaging materials are easy to recycle, safe for individuals and the environment, and may be made out of recycled materials. Not only is eco-friendly packaging imperative to keeping our planet clean and safe, but it can also help attract more customers. What’s more, eco-friendly packaging isn’t just relegated to corrugated cardboard anymore. Plastic packaging has emerged as a sustainable option for businesses.

Switching your packaging is a major undertaking, so how do you know if it will be worth the investment? Let’s look at recent consumer behavior trends and the cost savings you may experience with a renewable plastic alternative.

Consumers Want Eco-friendly Packaging

Consumers care about business’ impact on the environment and are willing to pay more for products that showcase their eco-friendliness. According to a recent study, 75% of Americans are concerned about the environmental impact of the products they buy. The same study found 66% of American consumers and 80% of young American adults (ages 18-34) are willing to pay more for sustainable products versus less sustainable competitors.

Younger consumers are obviously more eco-conscious, and that sentiment won’t be dissolving anytime soon. Done right, switching to eco-friendly packaging could result in a major boost for your business’ sales and significantly reduce your brand’s impact on the environment. Of course, you should always consult with a packaging expert to determine if a major packaging switch is right for your business.

Plastic vs. Corrugated Cardboard: a Complex Debate

Once you make the choice to switch to sustainable packaging, your mind may immediately jump to corrugated cardboard options. It’s easily recyclable and — because it’s made from a renewable resource — can have a lower impact on the environment than some other packaging materials. However, some plastic packaging has emerged as a viable sustainable option.

Traditionally, plastic packaging has been made from crude oil, a non-renewable resource. Amazingly, recent advancements in technology allows for plastic flexible packaging to be made from renewable materials like corn or sugarcane. It can be recycled, printed with bright, vivid, graphics, and promote product freshness better than corrugated cardboard. It’s also less bulky than corrugated cardboard, lowering costs for warehousing space and transportation. It also emits less emissions throughout the supply chain.

Enter Thrive™: a New Eco-Friendly Packaging Material

Thrive™ is an eco-friendly flexible packaging material that can help your brand attract eco-conscious customers. It offers the same integrity, vivid graphics, barrier properties, and quick turnaround as conventional packaging, but with an improved environmental impact.

The packaging comes in three available materials depending on your business’ needs and goals:

  • All PE is recyclable through an in-store drop-off program
  • PCR is composed of post-consumer recycled materials, reducing landfill waste
  • PCR & PE is a blend of recyclable and postconsumer recycled materials
Trust the Eco-Friendly Packaging Experts

The Thrive™ line is exclusive to Plastic Packaging Technologies; when you’re ready to switch to this eco-friendly alternative, we’ll be here to help. At Plastic Packaging Technologies, we offer innovative packaging formats with multiple material and feature options. We focus on providing the highest quality flexible packaging solutions by utilizing industry-leading machinery, equipment, and technology.