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Why to participate in IntraPac India?

IntraPac India - An IPAMA event
  1. Complete packaging industry solutions: IntraPac India offers a one-stop platform that covers the entire packaging industry. From materials and machinery to design and technology, the exhibition covers all aspects of packaging solutions, providing a complete package for participants.
  2. Organized by a trusted association: IntraPac India is organized by the Packaging and Printing Machinery Association (IPAMA), a reputable nonprofit organization. The association's involvement ensures a secure and reliable exhibition experience, instilling confidence in participants and ensuring a high level of professionalism.
  3. Expertise in exhibition organization: IPAMA has a wealth of experience in organizing exhibitions, including PRINTPACK INDIA, the country's largest exhibition on the printing and packaging industry. This expertise translates into a well-organized and impactful event, providing participants with a seamless and rewarding exhibition experience.
  4. MSME Support: IPAMA is also in touch with the Ministry of MSME for financial approval to the participants of IntraPac India. Govt has assured support and assistance to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).
  5. Cost-effective exhibition: Being a nonprofit organization, IPAMA offers excellent value for participants, as it is known for its affordability.

By participating in IntraPac India, attendees can benefit from a comprehensive range of packaging solutions, organized by a trusted association with extensive experience in exhibitions. The event offers a cost-effective platform where businesses can showcase their offerings, explore potential MSME assistance, and connect with industry professionals, ultimately leading to growth and success in the packaging industry.