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IntraPac India is the latest addition in the long history of IPAMA which will be held from December 2025 at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, NCR Delhi. The event will showcase all packaging solutions, machinery, and allied products inclusive of plastic packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging, paper packaging, filling, capping, filling & sealing, biodegradable packaging, protective packaging, automation and robotics, tube packaging, mono cartons, traceability & tracking, logistics, film, moulding, and many more relating to Packaging Industry..


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Welcome To Intrapac Exhibhition

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Plastic Packaging

Plastic Packaging is light weight and durable making it a cost - effective and efficient choice for business. it is also water resistant and can protect products from moisture,air and other environmental factors, reducing the risk of spoilage and contamination.

Paper and Flexible

Both paper and flexible packaging have advantages and disadvantages depending on the product and industry in question. Paper Packaging is generally... more eco-friendly but may not be suitable for all products. While flexible packaging is highly versatile but may not be as recyclable as paper. Ultimately, the choice between paper and felixible packaging depends on factors such as the product type, consumer preferences,and sustainability goals.

Metal Packaging

Metal packaging is popular choice for businesses that need durable, protective, and sustainable packaging solutions. As technology continues to... advance,new methods and materials are emerging to make metal packaging even more efficient eco friendly, and versatile.

Glass Packaging

Glass is a versatile and durable material that is both aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly, making it a popular choice for many brands. The glass packaging... is also adapting to changing consumer demands and preferences. Many manufacturers are now designing glass containers with innovative features such as resealable caps and easy-pour spouts, making them more convenient for consumers to use.

Injection Molding

Injection molding process involves injecting molten plastic into a mold cavity, allowing it to coll and solidify into the desired shape.... Injection molding offers several benefits for packaging, including cost-effectiveness,consistency, and the ability to produce complex shapes and intricate details

Protective Packaging

Bubble, wraps, shrink wraps, foam inserts, packing peanuts, and air pillows ... are a few kinds of protective packaging materials. These can be used to cushion product and prevent them from shifting or rubbing against other during transit. In addition to protecting products from damage,protective packaging can also help prevent theft and tampering.

Bio-Degradable Packaging

Bio-Degradable Packaging is compostable,which means it can be broken down into nutrient-rich soil.... This makes it an ideal choice for eco-conscious businesses and consumers who are looking for packaging that is both sustainable and functional.

Pharma and Cosmetics

Pharma and Cosmetic require high-quality material that are safe, durable and can withstand the demand of transportation and storage.... Additionally ,sustainability is becoming increasingly important in both industries, with a growing trend towards eco-friendly packaging solutions that reduce waste and minimize environmental impact.

Aseptic and Tetra Packaging

Both aseptic and tetra packaging have several benefits, including a longer shelf life for a product, improved food safety... and reduced food waste. Additionally, they are lightweight and easy to transport, making them a popular choice for manufacturers and consumers alike.

Rigid Packaging

Mono Cartons play a special role in packaging, providing a cost-effective and versatile option for a wide range of products. In recent years, the many mono... carton manufacturers have started using recycled and biodegradable materials and are incorporating environmentally-friendly practice into their manufacturing processes.


Logistic plays a crucial role in the packaging industry as it involves the movement of goods from the manufacturing site to the end consumer.... Effective logistics management in the packaging industry ensures that products are delivered on time, in good condition, and at the lowest possible cost.

Traceability and Tracking

Traceability and Tracking are critical elements in the packaging industry... as they ensure that products can be traced and tracked from the production lines to the end consumer. One of the primary benefits of Traceability and Tracking is the ability to maintain quality control throughout the supply chain.

Automation and Robotics

Automation and Robotics are increasingly being used in the packaging industry to improve efficiency,reduce labour costs ... and enhance the quality of packaging operations. One of the key benefits of Automation and Robotics in the packaging industry is increased speed and accuracy.

Services and Consumables

Both packaging service and consumables play critical roles in the packaging industry.Packaging services ensure that companies ... have access to the expertise and resources needed to create effective packaging solutions, while packaging consumables provide the materials and components necessary to produce those solutions. By working together,these two components help companies to produce high-quality packaging products that meet the needs of consumers and businesses alike.


The Packaging Revolution

When we talk about the economic boom that accompanied the industrial revolution, we forget its unsung hero THE PACKAGING INDUSTRY.

It is Packaging that helped commodities to house-hold brands and luxuries reach all corners of the world - be it food, beverages, oral care, soap, candles etc.

Today, Packaging is such an integral part of our lives that we can't think of a world without it.

The industry has constantly evolved to keep up with the changing needs of the customer. Inter-continental export of fresh food, electronics and e-commerce has played a big role in these changes.

Today it is gearing up to take on challenges and opportunities of the future - Sustainability, Personalization, Minimalism, Tech Enabled Smart Packaging to name a few.

IntraPac India 2025 will be the place to showcase all the futuristic innovations and today’s best seller in the packaging Industry.

IntraPac India 2025

The Showstoppers of Packaging Industry are here

IntraPac India 2025 is brought to you by IPAMA - the organizers of the exceptionally successful PRINTPACK INDIA Exhibitions 1991. IntraPac India will again have a laser sharp focus on the packaging industry. It will give limelight to the leading players in all the existing packaging sectors.

IntraPac India 2025 will give you a next mega opportunity to be seen and considered by your potential customers. Come, Show them your out of the box innovations, or simply what makes you the preferred choice of your current customers.

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Rate List

Domestic Rate

INR 9000 sqm

Overseas Rate

USD 225 sqm

Minimum Area

minimum 9 sqm

Domestic Rate

INR 8000 sqm

Overseas Rate

USD 200 sqm

Minimum Area

minimum 18 sqm

Frequently Asked Questions

The IntraPac India Exhibition is scheduled to take place from December 2025 at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, UP.
The India Expo Centre is located in Greater Noida, UP. It is well connected by Road, Rail and Air from different corners of NCR Delhi.
The Exhibition is being organized by IPAMA (Indian Printing Packaging and Allied Machinery Manufacturers’ Association), which is also the organizer of PRINTPACK INDIA – the Biggest and the largest Exhibition on Graphic Arts Industry in the country.
Despite numerous exhibitions being organized by private companies, no comprehensive exhibition, covering all the segments of the Indian Packaging Industry, is being organized by any of the associations in India. IPAMA aims to fill that gap and to facilitate the growth of the Packaging Industry and enhance its capabilities to effectively compete in the international market. The objective is not to earn profit, but to explore possibilities for the Indian products based on latest technology and affordable costs.
The segments covered in the exhibition include plastic packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging, paper packaging, capping, filling, sealing, biodegradable packaging, protective packaging, automation and robotics, tube packaging, mono cartons, corrugated packaging, die-casting, labelling, traceability and tracking, logistics, aseptic packaging, film, moulding and other related items.
  1. The rate for shell space of the exhibition is Rs. 9,000 sqm.
  2. The rate for bare space of the exhibition is Rs. 8,000 sqm.
  3. All Government Taxes will be charged extra in addition to the exhibition rates.
  1. Prashant Vats (Project Director) at +91-9871999384
  2. Abhinav Kumar Singh (General Manager - Sales & Marketing) at +91-9717199385
  3. Vikram Sharma (Manager – Mkt & Sales) at +91-9717199388
  4. Meetika Srivastava (Sales Executive) at +91-8130797262

IPAMA, which stands for Indian Printing, Packaging, and Allied Machinery Manufacturers' Association, is a nationwide organization based in New Delhi, the Capital of India. Its primary objective is to promote the Indian Printing and Packaging Machinery Industry. The Association is committed to a singular goal of advancing and supporting the growth of the Industry at different platforms.

In addition to its various activities, IPAMA is also known for organising its renowned exhibition PRINTPACK INDIA which occurs biennially, generally in the month of February.

The next upcoming edition, the 16th in series, is the PRINTPACK INDIA 2025. This international event is scheduled to take place from February 1st to 5th, 2025, at India Expo Centre & Mart in Greater Noida, which is a part of the National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi, India.

Due to the high demand within the industry, IPAMA is now organizing the second edition of IntraPac India exhibition, to specifically cater to the packaging industry, named as IntraPac India. This exhibition will cover all the aspects of the packaging industry and is set to be held from December 2025, at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, NCR Delhi.

IPAMA, as the face of the Indian Graphic Arts industry, is playing a crucial role in promoting and supporting the growth of the industry through its dedicated efforts and by organising these prestigious exhibitions.